A key player in natural health

Lehning Laboratories manufacture most of their products in Sainte-Barbe, Lorraine. Advanced technology and extremely rigorous processes guarantee transparency and traceability, thus ensuring a high level of pharmaceutical quality. Our company has been 100% family-owned for three generations, which ensures independence and financial stability, allowing us to work on medium and long-term structuring projects, which guarantee high quality.

The Lehning Group currently employs 380 people and has an international presence with production units for both human and animal health in France and Brazil. Several other subsidiaries serve the needs of more than 150 B-to-B partners around the world.

Lehning's international locations


100% Green Energy

Lehning Laboratories have chosen to use 100% green energy. More than 5,000 m² of photovoltaic panels are installed at our production sites, providing one third of our electrical energy needs. Our green energy partner supplies the remaining two thirds.

Reducing the environmental footprint

We are also strongly committed to reducing our environmental footprint through various partnerships aimed at recycling and reclaiming ordinary waste, WEEE, but also green waste, which is transformed into bioenergy or compost in order to encourage the return of quality products to the soil.

Active ingredients from the botanical world 

Our main raw material are plants. 90% of our plants are fresh and come from France. 85% of them are organic and around 35% are harvested less than 300 km from the laboratory. We are therefore concerned with the sustainable management of our environment, and aware that plants are a precious but fragile source of wealth that must be preserved at all costs.

Protection of biodiversity

Since 2014, we have been hosting fifteen beehives on our main site in Sainte-Barbe in Moselle. We support the association "Un toit pour les abeilles" (a roof for bees), which strives to save this insect and works to develop colonies. The beehives are also an integral part of the life of our Brazilian subsidiary, which specialises in the production and marketing of green and brown propolis products.


Lehning Laboratories' Quality Policy aims to guarantee customer satisfaction and consumer safety.

We are committed to supply products to the highest quality and conformity standards. Our quality department acts at all stages of the process to ensure the conformity of our products. In addition, we ensure complete traceability from the arrival of raw materials and packaging items to the dispatch of finished goods.

Finally, the ANSM (French health agency) as well as our customers frequently carry out inspections at our premises, which allows us to validate our Quality Management System on a regular basis.


Thanks to our expertise in plants, our compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices and our compliance with Good Distribution Practices, the health authorities have given us the authorisation to manufacture and distribute API (raw materials for pharmaceutical use).

ORGANIC ingredients and products
We strive to use wild plants or plants from organic farming as a priority. We have also initiated an organic certification process for raw materials, food supplements and cosmetics.